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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Moon [2009] Review

13th March 2013

{Spoilers Ahead}

I haven’t seen many Sci Fi movies, but this is definitely one of the best.
The most unique thing that I noticed about this film was how man acts when he is by himself. It had a lot of underlying subtext of loneliness, and our purpose of existence in this life, on earth. I noticed the differences between the two main characters, even though they were the same person with the same memories, showing no two people are the same.

My favourite part of the film was when Sam2 takes Sam1 back to the truck where he found him, proving to be a good guy after all. Sam2 saves his life, and it is Sam1 who takes him to his end. He changed a lot from the start to the end, and his character learnt how to tame his anger and to think and construct the way Sam1 did.

The film starts with Sam2 waking up in the ‘incinerator’, making you feel that he is actually Sam1 saved. I liked the relationship between Sam1 and Sam2 and how they don’t overreact when they realise they look the same. It’s very interesting how their relationship grows. I loved the character of the robot, who was programmed to take care of Sam. I didn’t understand how the director could cheat us into thinking the robot was actually so human inside. Why did the robot give Sam1 the password to access the video logs is still not fully explained, and I guess it’s left for us to interpret – will the robots of the future be more human than humans themselves? A similar concept is used in Blade Runner, where the Nexus are sometimes more human than the people.

Also I loved the entire production design of the film. It was so well planned, and the whole set gave a feeling of being trapped in the only safe habitat for humans on the moon.

What I didn’t understand were – who was the woman who Sam1 saw on the moon who caused his 2 accidents – the truck accident in space, and the hot water accident in the base?
Is this supposed to be a defect in the clone’s inbuilt memory, or is it some part of the clone that is not programmed? These questions are not answered.
The most terribly touching scene was when Sam1 calls home and realizes he is speaking to his daughter. His tone of voice changes when he realises this, and when the daughter’s father calls out, he realises he is truly a clone and had probably never been on earth, since there was already someone there to replace him.
I wonder if the real Sam, (I’m guessing Eve’s dad is the real Sam) knows about his clones in space, and if he agreed to it. I’m guessing he did, and by doing so went completely against what he is shown to be like by his clones.

I loved the film through and through, and I think it’s an absolutely beautiful representation of how fake, inhumane and two-faced our world is, and makes us question – do we really belong here? Is there a reason for us to be here, and would everything function without us?

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-Alok- said...

hey nix! A very impassioned post about 'moon'! Glad you loved the film so much.
i like your thought-"I wonder if the real Sam, knows about his clones in space, and if he agreed to it. I’m guessing he did, and by doing so went completely against what he is shown to be like by his clones." Its a really interesting idea and makes you wonder more about that character.would make for an excellent sequel too.! Moon is by the way a really classy classic sci-fi film that pays homage to a lot of intellectual sci fi films like 2001 a space odessey and solaris. it doesn't resort to exploding space ships and exciting chase sequences to entertain and is much more meditative n mature. do watch more quality sci fi :)