I'm a Goan woman, working in Mumbai as the founder of a studio called Totem Creative. I try to make the world happier, safer and more meaningful. I believe education, knowledge and awareness, art, writing and creating Social Impact are my means to achieve that end.

Friday, April 12, 2013

April Journal entry #2

12th April 2013
Left for Margao for some work. Had a hard time talking to an annoying relative. Debated over muslims in India causing riots and the Babri masjid case. Read GoT (Game of Thrones) Went to a clothing exhibition and bought some pretty Gujju fabrics. Had a meaty dinner and played cards with my younger bros. Reached home and tried to download GoT S03E02 for the 5th time. -_- Not as eventful as I'd hope, but its alright. Tomorrow - in desperate need of a speedpainting.

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