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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sad recent graduate

9th April 2013

Major update!! I am now a GRADUATE!!! :D :D Since that day, my life's not been pretty. But I'm glad it's over. I'm already missing college terribly, and I thought that day would never come, but it did. Now I am home, relaxing, and trying to enjoy a much deserved break.

Today I decided to turn my life around at home. I don't want these vacations to be useless and lazy, but they are proving more and more to be so. So, after reading my dear friend Krithika's wonderful letter about how she's turning things around in MIT, I decided to set some goals for myself too.

Coming back home has not been easy. I feel lethargic and heavy and I have only been eating and sleeping and watching TV. I feel lonely because throughtout the week my only friend who's available (Aakash) has college on weekdays and my parents are practically never home. I miss college so much. I miss being busy already, even though I had asked nature to give me a huge break. I miss playing frisbee, and I miss Alok, my best friend - so much.

I woke up at 11am as usual. I brushed, made tea and breakfast, lazed around, facebooked, gmailed, had lunch, lazed, watched '10 things I hate about you' again, made tea and a tuna sandwich, planned the Ramgad trip on chat and booked rail tickets. Got upset about Alok's lack of enthusiasm and tried convincing him. Went for a brisk walk with parents, had dinner, more convincing, had a shower, and now this.

So, instead of delving in all this negative energy, I have made a list of things to do.

Here it is. Open to all.

Wake up before 11am
Finish reading the Yearbook
Read 'Withering Heights' (a classic by Emily Bronte)
Read 'A Game of Thrones' (George R. R. Martin)
Make 2 fanart pieces of GoT by Saturday 13th April
Gift one of them to my dear friend Sid who has been begging for an illustration since before I joined MIT
Write a note here in my journal everyday so I keep track of my successes and failures
Go for a walk/a swim/yoga atleast once a day
Speedpaint/sketch characters/animate atleast one piece a day
Get blouse stitched
Get my debit card and check for salary
Learn to stitch using the sewing machine
Post letters to my 4 good friends with photos
Scan my sketchbook work and post it in thegreedypencil
Color Scene 4 from my film and start tying up loose ends
Repair my mum's bathroom's tap
Construct a wooden light-table that I can animate on
Book rail+air tickets for Ramgarh trip
Make recycled lights for the garden
Cook every Friday

I hope to finish as many as these by this week and the next as I can. Next update, tomorrow. Off to read and sleep now. Much love, and praying for a better tomorrow.

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