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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Karina McBeth got in!!

5th May 2013

Karina McBeth is a fellow blogger friend of mine. She is an aspiring story artist, out to pursue her dreams in the field. She stays in the U.S and has studied in one of the colleges there. Recently she made a post telling us about how she got into the Disney story intern program! I was so happy to read it. It gave me so much hope. Even though I don't know her personally, I know she is a step closer to her dreams of being a story artist. I wish I had the work and the confidence to apply there too.

I was so taken aback to read it. Even though I'm really happy, I'm partly really jealous of her too. Unfortunately I'm here, and I don't have a Visa to work or intern there. I don't have the skills yet, neither the opportunity because technically I'm already a graduate and the deadlines have passed. I wish I was better informed and more focused on story 2 years back. I would have channeled all my energy into it. Anyway. After seeing her portfolio I realized I can do this too. :) I will work extra hard when I get back home and hope to get in by next year. Cheers to Karina and the stories she is going to tell! :)

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