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Friday, June 28, 2013

Messed up 48 hours.

28th June 2013

So I've had a terrible 3 days here. I realised my Sc. 5 was accidentally missing from my Film Folder, and when it hit me that my last backup was a March backup that had 2 months of work done after that, I was feeling absolutely broken-hearted. I didn't know if it was worth continuing this film. I was drowning in sorrow at the thought of having to do all that work again. I googled it, got a few recovery softwares that mostly hung and some showed some files I wasn't looking for. I called a good friend who suggested two good data-recovery softwares. 'Wondershare', the best one I'd tried took 12 hours to scan my PC for all the files that were deleted from my Recycle bin. It didn't have it. At 3 am I decided to give up. It was gone.

I tried to get over it and move on as quickly as possible. I could not afford to give up now. It would be like dropping out of college in your final year. I was on the verge of finishing the film, and would probably make it in time for a couple of film festivals. Whatever.

The next morning I woke up feeling heavy - the way one feels after a really tough previous night. I started my laptop and plugged in my resources hard disk. It was not getting detected. I thought I'd eject it and plug it again. My laptop made that irritating error noise, and it gave me a warning: 'You have to format drive /G: to use it.' and it gave me two options: Format - Cancel. I was blank. WTF was this? Chance was totally picking on me. I ejected it and plugged it back, hoping for it to work normally. The same error appeared. I admitted it to myself; my hard disk was corrupted. 'It's okay, what am I losing? Just all my tutorials and reference images and videos. Some pencil tests. A few ebooks and an inspiration folder. I have a backup of the inspiration folder though.' I thought.

Man, this was really messed up. I called WD, they suggested so many options. I tried all of them but everytime I inserted the drive it gave me the same error. I ran through some commands and it hung consistently, refusing to let me access the data. I took it to a 3rd party to fix. The next day he told me his PC hung while trying to recover the data too.

I laughed at my own circumstances. This was hilarious. Well, fuck this shit. I'm just gonna work twice as hard and twice as fast now. I'm going to develop an O.C.D that presses Ctrl+S while I'm working on TVP. I'm gonna backup everything before sleeping every night. I'm gonna walk away from this like a winner. Chance can go mess with someone else now. Like.A.Boss.

Today I'm feeling so fast. Ram would say, 'Ye dekh blur'. He used to tease me saying I work like a blur, a flash. ;) Looks like I'm back.

Listening to: 'The Figher' - Gym Class Heroes


Revelations of a Tangled Me said...

o god dude. this sucks! :(
and never forget control s. :)

Aditya Saksena said...

the struggle is the glory! :)

lakshmi nair said...

Go Niki!!! and not just ctrl s, keep a backup file on a pendrive or something and replace it with ur latest file every night :)

krithika said...

I am so proud of you....:) Fuck that and be Awesome. I know ur the stud!
Also check out cloud softwares in windows which help with online storage.

Nikhita said...

Haww! Thanks you guys for all the support and suggestions! I'm taking all of them. Will definitely keep regular backups from now on.