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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Why We Write

21st July 2013


I had saved Steve Levitan’s writeup here as a word file on my desktop. I’m a seriously moody reader, but today I finally read it, and I felt that it was so awesome to read such fresh juicy stuff! Modern Family is one of my favourite sitcoms, and I had to give it a shot. At the bottom there was a link and t led to this page, so I ended up reading quite a few ‘Why we write’ and I decided ‘Hey, I can do this too. If anyone would give me a read!’ 

The earliest I remember (there must’ve been earlier instances) being was introduced to writing was in 7th grade. We had to write comprehensions that we were graded on in English literature. I was decent with grammar, but I was terrible at writing. Atleast that’s what I thought and what my marks told me. They focused too much on spellings and length too, which turned me off from writing whole-heartedly. For obvious reasons, it never occurred to me that I could ever write professionally.
Art, on the other hand was something that came completely effortlessly. I would draw on the backs of all my notebooks and texts, and my teachers would often punish me for it. The forbidden fruit tastes sweetest! It kept me very distracted and I was always in a world of my own. Art was, and still is mostly inspired from life, and from literature. I read a lot of children’s books. I grew up on Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl books. I even made a few projects on them for school; but I think my life really changed when I read J.K. Rowling. I grew up with Harry; we were the same age. That world was more appropriate for me than reality. I loved it, and I lived in it for as long as I could and dragged a bunch of friends into it with me.

Along with this I watched a lot of cartoons till I was in college. Everything from Hanna Barbara, Pokémon to Disney-Pixar. At the time I was also obsessed with the X-Men, and the whole idea of super powers. That’s when after a few years I wrote something unconditionally. I wrote a fanfiction combining Harry Potter and X-Men, except the characters were people I knew. There was only one other friend who’d seen this and who encouraged me to write it. She would look forward to the next chapters, and that gave me an incentive; a drive. But that’s not all I was writing for. I was writing because I illustrated it too, and I needed a topic to illustrate on. By the time I started highschool (just a year older), I was too embarrassed to see the book again, and nobody’s ever seen it besides my friend, Gowri.

There were phases after that when I wrote poetry and prose, and (not to brag), but they were much better than the embarrassing stories I wrote as a child. If I can read my own words without wanting to throw them away, they must be pretty decent. ;)

I consider myself a wanna-be story artist; something that relies so heavily on literature that I can’t run away from it. I realise now after reading everything I’ve read, and written everything I’ve written that it’s all connected, and I need to write, because I need to draw. I want to be a better writer to be a better artist, and to develop as a person. I write because I want to save the world and have super abilities, and produce magic that people faintly believe in; and give back to the world - what those wonderful writers gave me. A blank canvas is where freedom lies. 

So when I read what Steve Levitan wrote about writing, it just fit. We are dreamers. And dreamers gotta write. :)

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doug said...

its nice to see the curious kinda passion in people.. i was once speaking to a friend about creating a short film on the curiosity behind writing, the exact same "why we write" question... which we wrote down, somewhere..lol :)