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Friday, March 11, 2016

Constant reminders to not objectify yourself

11th March 2016

Women don't really spend time in actual self-relflection. Rather, we've been giving an awful amount of importance to how we look. This has been an age old problem - the vintage ads were really demeaning, and considering we are now more aware of this objectification of women, it's surprising that ads have gotten more and more objectifying rather than progressive and genuine. 

We don't realize when we let them affect our perception of ourselves, but it happens at a very subconscious level. People are the first to tell you if you've lost or put on weight - if you have bags under your eyes. If people don't tell you, you compare yourself not to the women you know - the real women; but instead the instagram models, skinny or voluptuous women in bras (or not). The facebook posts of actresses and actors and popstars post surgeries. We compare ourselves to the Yves Saint Laurent pictures and the Sisley fashion models. Skeletons with clothes portrayed in glorified vulnerability.

Our self-analysis involves looking at the mirror and being disappointed with ourselves if our bellies are anything but concave and hollow. We don't see how this is completely unrealistic - and we should rather analyse whether we are beautiful human beings - being kind and honest, and having the drive to live fully and meaningfully.

It's completely ingrained, and hard to get rid of by now. So I suggest we all watch this video a thousand times, and again - everytime we see a skinny hot model in makeup. And ignore all the conversations the boys have about how hot some model is. We also have to discourage men from expecting themselves to have 8 packs and cut-out arms. We're not the only ones influenced by media portayal of gender roles. Put your foot down. Be aware and reject the false notions of advertising. Stand your ground, and help your family and friends stay grounded.

Also see this link of an Instagram model revealing truths about social media.

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