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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A start! (towards quitting plastic)

19th April 2016
Today was my first day after the personal oath I took to cut down my plastic consumption. We normally order chai in the office which comes in small plastic cups. I refused and so everyone refused, and we went to the tapri and had chai there in their glass cups. We always take our own bags for grocery shopping, but today we had to emergency shop in the evening, and we was out of bags! I collected a few left over bags from the office and managed; even with the dal guy, who refuses to use anyone else's bags other than his own as it's more convenient for him.

Unfortunately though, even in the local market, we had to buy mushrooms which are packaged in two plastics! One like a tray and one cover. I asked if they ever come loose, or if it's possible to purchase them in bulk. He mentioned there's a 1 kg plastic bag and the small package he gave us; and that all the brands supply with this packaging to keep the produce undamaged and fresh. I was so disappointed and helpless. I'll try to contact them and atleast try for an alternative. Meanwhile if anyone knows where I can buy loose mushrooms in Goregaon/Malad please let me know.

In the morning my maid threw out all the wet waste and I looked at it painfully going waste! I could have composted that, but the composter I've ordered hasn't arrived yet. It's from 'DailyDump'. They don't have a shop in Mumbai, but an organization in Sion called 'Green Practices' is supplying for them! Yay! :D You guys really HAVE to visit their site, I've browsed through each section and read everything thoroughly. It's really enlightening and educative.

Will let you guys know how well the composter works after I've used it for a bit. I really hope it arrives soon tomorrow morning! It's such a waste for the waste to go waste! :P! I'm also segregating dry into paper, plastic and 'other', so that I can sell the paper and plastic to the raddi guy.

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