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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Silky Cup! Zero Waste solution to periods!

12 July 2007

A Swach worker segregating pads, diapers and
condoms from plastic
I always knew that the sanitary napkins we women use cause HUGE amounts of plastic and chemical waste. Personally during a normal cycle, I use around 8 pads (and I don't bleed a lot). That's 8*12 months = 96 pads a year! And I'm just one girl! The last time I thought of this was in 2010, but there was really nothing I could do about it. There was no better alternative that would make me feel equally secure.

During Chitrakatha 2013, a NID couple did a large crowd-funded project called 'Mentrupedia' - an educational comic book for young boys and girls on the subject of menstruation. In one of their chapters they mentioned the menstrual cup as an alternative. When I googled it, it wasn't available in India.

Silky Cup Medium
A year back, I saw it on Flipkart or something - and I kept thinking if I should buy it. Of course it's the best solution ever!
- Zero waste, reusable, green
- Huge money-saver
- Not messy and easy to dispose
- Swim and sports friendly

But the thought of using it looked rather painful. >_< I had never used tampons for the same reason. The thought of inserting a big silicon cup in my vagina and walking around with this object inside me was terrifying! I ignored the product.

On my journey to zero waste, I found it again - but this time I bought it and told myself to have an open mind and try it out. I needed to tell every girl I know - it is such an awesome product, it's unbelievable! It's a bit uncomfortable the first few times, but once you know how to properly insert it, you won't even know it's there! No hassle of changing, staining, disposing! You can play all the sports you like, and swim and not worry about leakage or discomfort. And best of all, ZERO waste, and you can use it upto 10 years!! What an epic invention.
Usage Guide + Pouch

This product comes in 3 sizes for different age groups/body types, a silky pouch and an extensive usage guide which you HAVE to go through before using. I'm so glad I gave it a chance! Go ahead girls! Try it, it's gonna change your life!!

P.S: I bought the medium, Here's a link to the product>  Silky Cup Flipkart

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Save Tiracol! :(

Woke up to read this absolutely aweful news about Tiracol. Leading Hotels Ltd. has proposed to set up a massive resort on the northern most tip of Goa, in Tiracol village. They have already acquired 90% of the land by bribing the goan government. The proposal includes a resort with 198 villas and a US PGA Standard championship Golf Course set across the lush, rolling hills of Tiracol.

The golf course will destroy (more like CRUSH) the livelihoods of all the local communities which thrive on small-scale businesses like cashew plantations and fishing. Not only this, but it will completely destroy the eco-system of the hills in Tiracol. Several ads in local newspapers featuring the project come with the tagline ‘From Barren to Beautiful’. LOL. However, Leading Hotel’s own Impact Assessment show that there are 19,000 trees and plant species on the property and at least 1966 trees will be felled for the project! It's so so disheartening to read things like these in the papers. When will the corruption and greed end?? I have personally mailed the CM regarding this, and you can do too at cmo.goa@nic.in or laxmikantparsekar@gmail.com. The least we can do is spread the word for these communities who have been fighting for their rights and environment for the last 7 years, and show our disapproval of the greedy commercialization of our state. For more info on the matter> http://www.videovolunteers.org/savetiracol/

Monday, July 18, 2016

The Witch (2015) Review

The Witch is directed by Robert Eggars. It's his directorial debut. It's based on true recollections of people who have witnessed witchcraft and evil spirits in old England.

The film is about a puritan Christian family that encounters forces of evil and witchcraft in the foods near their farm. The story picks up when their baby suddenly disappears, and their daughter Thomasin is blamed for it. It evolves to discover a witch in the woods, who reappears later in the storyline. The characters all turn on each other at various points, and you see them all going through a steady mental and physical decline. Different elements are used to symbolize dark forces surrounding the family, like the rustle of leaves, the goat giving blood instead of milk, the male goat with the horns, and the rabbit who misses a bullet in the beginning.

Initially the film was a bit slow to me, but the metaphors and acting really held it together. The palette is dull and desaturated, and the film is shot really well with really unique compositions and sounds that pull you into the film and give it its dark eerie tone. Each character has some of their own issues going on; and it's interesting to see how they all interact with one another.

I think we were expecting a horror flick, with a few jump scares and extremely creepy characters, but it was more on the lines of a psychological thriller, which makes you feel uneasy and restless, rather than scared; and I think that's what Robert Eggars intended to do.

I'd give it a 7/10 for the unique storytelling and overall direction. I think what could have improved was the pace, but I probably feel that way because I'm used to watching films that have the three act structure and clich├ęd sounds and jump scares.

Would definitely recommend it; but keep your mind open! 

'Ideal Life' list

18th July 2016

It's been really long since I felt like writing about something!

Bobby's list

I have been really motivated by somethings Bobby Chiu said in the StoryboardArt interview. He is one of the most talented and respectable people I've followed. He said, figure out how you'd want your life to be, ideally. Paint a picture of that, or write about it, and work towards that. For a few moments I was pretty blank - what I want out of life keeps fluctuating.
It was only later today I got down to putting it on paper. I made two columns - one with things I want, and one with things I don't want out of my life. It isn't very concrete, but it's something to work towards.

I realized a few things that are missing which I can definitely work on - like making my environment more creative, striving towards being a better artist, and travelling even more. And I was happy to notice that I am following a few of the things on the list already, like leading a vegan and zero waste lifestyle. I haven't fully achieved this, but I'm definitely getting closer.

I am going to try maintaining a new hobby - writing a short review of each film that I watch - whether it's interesting or not. This way I'll learn to analyze films better, and understand what works and what doesn't.

Today I watched a horror film called 'The Witch'. Arvind mentioned it had won many awards and we wanted to have a late night movie. Will write about it soon!

If you feel a bit lost, make that list, and you'll get right back on the horse. That's all for now! Cheers! :)