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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Save Tiracol! :(

Woke up to read this absolutely aweful news about Tiracol. Leading Hotels Ltd. has proposed to set up a massive resort on the northern most tip of Goa, in Tiracol village. They have already acquired 90% of the land by bribing the goan government. The proposal includes a resort with 198 villas and a US PGA Standard championship Golf Course set across the lush, rolling hills of Tiracol.

The golf course will destroy (more like CRUSH) the livelihoods of all the local communities which thrive on small-scale businesses like cashew plantations and fishing. Not only this, but it will completely destroy the eco-system of the hills in Tiracol. Several ads in local newspapers featuring the project come with the tagline ‘From Barren to Beautiful’. LOL. However, Leading Hotel’s own Impact Assessment show that there are 19,000 trees and plant species on the property and at least 1966 trees will be felled for the project! It's so so disheartening to read things like these in the papers. When will the corruption and greed end?? I have personally mailed the CM regarding this, and you can do too at cmo.goa@nic.in or laxmikantparsekar@gmail.com. The least we can do is spread the word for these communities who have been fighting for their rights and environment for the last 7 years, and show our disapproval of the greedy commercialization of our state. For more info on the matter> http://www.videovolunteers.org/savetiracol/

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