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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Arrival, Moana and Westworld Reviews

Hey guys! Some quick TV and Film Reviews of this week: Arrival, Moana, Westworld


I went into this movie blind. Akshay was super excited for it since he was anticipating it for a long time, and I was advised to go without watching any trailers! I was pleasantly surprised to watch such a kickass film. The direction is so good, so subtle and smooth. I watched this last week and since then have been trying to figure what the story of the film is – I’m still not sure, but I like how it showed the concept of time in such a beautiful unconventional way. Most films involving time definitely have some loopholes – it is indeed a difficult subject to tackle in film; but Arrival conveys it smoothly with the help of SciFi devices fitting well in the world of the film.
I especially loved the colour key of and pace of the film. It made it look so simple, effortless and void of distraction. Amy Adams as always was brilliant, and all the supporting cast did great too. The writing I imagine must have taken very very long – time being such a sensitive subject. The emphasis on language and typography was really impressive; a must watch and one of the best films of 2016 according to me. I’m hoping to give this a second watch in theatres before it’s gone to notice the finer details.


I wasn’t that excited to watch Moana but it was really entertaining! The visual effects and animation is top-notch as expected from an animation giant like Disney, and the story is simple yet engaging and exciting. I really liked how Moana is put in a role where her gender wouldn’t make a difference – such films are truly feministic. It also had some subtle jokes mocking previous Disney films which I guess only the adults would notice. It’s a good watch, but maybe the concept of a protagonist being the chosen one and fulfilling her destiny against set challenges is a bit monotonous for me now, and isn’t one of those films that I can carry home. A super entertaining film nonetheless, and a fun watch for kids too.


Thanks Lakshmi, Sumoh and Arvind for insisting I watch this one!! I have only watched the first episode, and it’s absolutely KICKASS. Glad I didn’t watch any trailers for this either. If there are any fans of Black Mirror here, this is something on the same lines with more drama. Westworld is a sci-fi series which constantly makes you question how far we can ethically push the boundaries with AI, humanity and conscience. Its writers have assumed that their audience is intelligent enough to not spoon-feed them, which I really really appreciate. It’s written well, and I’m so excited to see where it’s gonna go from here!
Please let me know if there's something you'd like to recommend! Have a good weekend. :)

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Moana...such an entertaining movie. I saw it again 2 days ago. I've like added it to my favorite movies' list. The music score is also really amusing.