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Monday, January 23, 2017

La La Land Review

23rd Jan 2016

I watched La La Land today. 

I’m not really one for musicals, but the story completely overpowered the ‘genre’ of the film. The trailer didn’t excite me much, but I was curious to know why it won SO many Golden Globes, and besides – it was directed and written by Damien Chazelle, the same man who made ‘Whiplash’; another film I was awed by. 

I still have first-screening frenzy, but I’ll try to look at this as clearly as I can. This was not just a musical. It is an honest and heartfelt film about dreamers; a subject which is very relatable to us all. Emma and Ryan are so cute and charismatic, and it’s lovely to see how their ambitions unfold and how one makes the other push forward and become someone more. I don’t think it’s a love story, but a story about the honesty and drive with which the characters dream. However you do root for the two of them, and the love story is beautiful to watch at parallel. I was left speechless choked up by the end. 

Wonderful writing, music, choreography, cinematography (that one-take opening!! O_O), acting and direction. Maybe I can’t justify all the Oscars, but it’s definitely delightful, refreshing and emotionally driven cinema. Please go see it in a good theatre before it’s gone!